Pre-Reg Optometrist - #35411


Date: 1 week ago
City: Swansea
Contract type: Full time


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Pre-Reg Optometrist | Boots

Opportunity awaits...

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Pre-Reg Optometrist

Swansea, Carmarthen Road

Fixed Term


Job Description

The importance of the programme.

Our Pre-registration Programme will give you the best possible start to your career in optics and put everything you have learned at University into practice.

This is a 52 week programme in one of our practices across the UK – where you can really get to understand what it’s like to work in optics with Europe’s leading health and beauty retailer and experience what makes us strive to be No 1 for Customer Care. This programme is focussed on ensuring you qualify as an Optometrist and have a chance to find out what being a Boots Optometrist means.

What you’ll be doing on the programme.

Primarily, you’ll experience what’s at the heart of Optometry with Boots – helping our patients and colleagues alike.

Secondly, you’ll develop skills that you won’t learn at University. We’ll give you the best possible start in your career as we want you to thrive professionally and personally.

Pre-registration year – What you will see and feel

  • Being part of a highly structured programme
  • You will have the brilliant opportunity to attend residential courses with fellow pre-registration colleagues, providing ongoing training and support for assessments
  • You will have ongoing access to online learning material, and undertake mock exams to enable you to be well prepared for OSCE’s
  • Market leading with our OSCE results
  • Brilliant networking opportunities with fellow pre-registration colleagues
  • Continued support throughout your programme
What you’ll need to have.

You will need to be as passionate as us about patient care and working together as one great team – after all it’s our people that are at the heart of our business. It’s a fantastic opportunity to progress your own development and learn more with us. It isn’t just about experience, we’re interested in seeing the real you, your personality and what you can bring – and for you to see what’s possible for your career with Boots Opticians.

Need To Know

We are looking for an individual to join our Swansea store for the Pre-Reg programme, joining us in July 2024.

If you want to discuss this role further before applying, please email us at ***************

Business Area



Optometrist, Optometry Pre-reg

Hours per week

Over 35 hours per week

Office use only


Office use only

optometry student, pre-registration, pre-reg, Optometry degree, placement year, year in industry, Optometry,

Office use only





300 - South

Office use only



OPT305 - Bristol and South Wales


OPT305 - Bristol and South Wales

Job Code

CAP Opticians Pre Reg Optometrist


3314 - Swansea - Carmarthen Rd

Hours per week


Pre-Reg Optometrist | Boots

How to apply

To apply for this job you need to authorize on our website. If you don't have an account yet, please register.

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